Effective Support for Children and Young People in Luton

LSCB Annual Report 2020-2021

Pan Beds Forced Marriage Honour Based Abuse Audit Summary Sept 2020

Pan Bedfordshire Multi Agency Audit

Pan Beds Thresholds Principles Final Autumn 2021

LSCB Annual Report 2016-2017

LSCB Annual Report 2017-2018

LSCB Annual Report 2018-2019 

What Is The Dark Web

Eploitation Practitioners Document- Infographic

Bedfordshire VER Strategy One Page Document

Bedfordshire Violence and Exploitation Strategic Response_FINAL

Bedfordshire Child Exploitation Practitioners Guidance – June 2020

Bedfordshire Child Exploitation Tool – July 2020

Bedfordshire CSE Practitioners Guidance – September 2020 – Update

CDOP Annual Report 2016-2017

CDOP Annual Report 2018-2019

Adolescent Neglect- Professionals Briefing

Adolescent neglect :Childrens society report for the LSCB 2017 Thinking about adolescent neglect

Bedfordshire Child Sexual Exploitation Disruption Toolkit

Bedfordshire CDOP Information Sheet 2017

Bedfordshire CDOP Annual Report 2014-15

Children Missing in Education Referral Form

Children Missing in Education Statutory guidance for local authorities

Children Missing  -Essential Information form provides information about the child to help agencies in looking for a child who is missing.  Further information can be found in the the Pan beds missing child procedures.

CSE practitioner guidance

GP Information Proforma to assist with Assessment Case conferences

Pan Beds Multi-Agency Information sharing form guidelines 2020

Multi-Agency Intelligence Submission Form 2020

 New Online Referral to Children’s Social Care- Luton Borough Council have launched a new Online Referral to Children’s Social Care on 18 February 2020. Two forms have been created; one for the members of the public and one for professionals. This means referrals can now be made online on the LBC website.

New Online Referral to Children’s Social Care FAQs

Private Fostering procedure

Safegaurding Referral Form October 2017

LSCB Winter edition newsletter 2016

Trafficking of Children and Adults through Bedfordshire

Allegations Flow Chart  

Kooth Poster

NSPPC recourses- Let Children know that you are listening

Female Genital Mutilation Resource Pack