What is the Graded Care Profile (GCP) Tool?

It is a practice tool which gives an objective measure of the quality of care in terms of a parent/carer's commitment. The quality of care, both negative and positive, is measured across 4 different domains of a child or young person needs - Physical, Safety, Love & Esteem. The GCP has been developed to quantify care neglect by objectively displaying both the strengths and weaknesses in different grades (1 to 5), to inform judgements by professionals and parents/carers working together about the intervention required and to measure progress. The tool has been used by a range of practitioners to identify and measure levels of neglect in Luton since 1999. It has also been adopted by 12 other Local Authorities across the country and more recently, internationally, in Japan.


What are the key objectives of the GCP?

  • Early Recognition & Timely Management of cases of neglect
  • Timely Referral with Evidence
  • Prompt Referrals of Severe Cases

Who can use the GCP?

Any practitioner in Luton can use the GCP tool when working with cases of neglect.

How will the GCP Tool help me and the parent/carer I am working with?

Quite often neglect is difficult to quantify objectively, resulting in its perpetuation. Cases of neglect normally require the full engagement from parents/carers to bring about the changes required. A previous GCP user evaluation showed the use of a GCP increased the parent/carers' engagement by highlighting strengths as well as weaknesses and more importantly enabled the targeting of resources where the deficit was identified.

What are the benefits of using the GCP Tool?

  • The early recognition of neglect through the clear identification of environmental risk factors or concerns
  • The categorising of the level of neglect as severe, intermediate or low
  • The early referral of severe neglect and focused intervention in 'intermediate' cases to prevent deterioration
  • The SMART management of neglect through;
  • The timely referral to the Referral and Assessment Team (Children's Social Care) where early intervention has demonstrably failed
  • The immediate referral to the Referral and Assessment Team where the GCP score grading is in the 'severe' category, thereby minimising length of exposure to the neglect
  • The post- referral use of the GCP scores to complement other statutory assessment tools, for example, by the Referral and Assessment Team
  • Assessing the impact of intervention in measurable steps and the timely initiation of legal proceedings where intervention has demonstrably failed

Project Director
Dr. O. Prakash Srivastava Phone: 01582 700300
Email: prakash.srivastava@nhs.net

LSCB Partner
Vijay Patel
Phone: 01582 547590
Email: Vijay.Patel@luton.gov.uk