Neglect Matters aims to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of neglect. The campaign will help people to recognise abuse and know how to report it. Equally, we want those who need help to reach out for support whenever they can.

We have been working with young people to create a guide and posters which provides information and support about neglect and where to go for help. These can be downloaded below and  will be made available locally.

Neglect Posters

To keep up to date with the campaign, follow your local LSCB on:

  • • Luton: @lutoncouncil for Twitter and Facebook
  • • Central Bedfordshire: @letstalkcentral for Twitter and Facebook
  • • Bedford: Facebook: @BedfordTwitter, Twitter: @Bedfordtweets

From October to December we are offering free Neglect Awareness Sessions, delivered by the NSPCC, for people who work in Luton, Central Bedfordshire and Bedford. The sessions are 45 mins to an hour and are suitable for people who come in to frequent contact with families and children as part of their jobs, but do not have safeguarding as their primary role- those working in libraries, leisure centres and support roles in children’s centres for example.

Signs of neglect: a guide for young people ,called ‘feeling invisible’ has also  been distributed and posted on social media posts. This is to raise an awareness of the signs and symptoms of neglect for adults, young people and  children in Bedfordshire to keep them safe  from Neglect.

Neglect Matters Guide

Where to go for help:

Adults can contact the NSPCC Helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 08088005000, or

Children and young person who are concerned they or a friend are being neglected can call Child line for help on 0800 1111 or visit

Childline has a range of information and support for young people about neglect and other issues that may be affecting them.

Have a look at the One Minute Guide on Neglect