Bedfordshire Police has brought in-house their service to support victims, delivered through the Signpost Hub as part of Signpost to Support Bedfordshire, their new online service directory. The Hub is a one-stop-shop for victims that will provide the assessment, referral, coordination and delivery of emotional & practical support for all victims of crime across Bedfordshire.


  • To help victims cope and recover from the impact of the crime they have experienced
  • To work with multiple agencies in providing a range of specialist support for victims, based on need, not crime type
  • To support victims and those close to them throughout criminal justice process, and beyond
  • To focus on outcomes that support a reduction in re-victimisation
  • To improve the support and service victims receive in order to increase their trust and confidence in the criminal justice system

Needs are identified through an initial assessment conducted as part of the crime recording process. Victims with needs will receive a call from Hub staff who will work with the victims to address their needs. This is a free and confidential service.

Support is also available for victims who do not want to report crime to the police. There is no obligation on staff to report crimes, except where there are safeguarding concerns. Self-referrals can be made via the website or directly into the Hub phone line.

Support is offered to victims where they live.


  • Detailed Victim Needs Assessment
  • Personal Recovery Plan – case managed by a Victim Care Coordinator
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Face to face support from a trained volunteer
  • Coordinated referral to/from commissioned and specialist services
  • Supported access/signposting to local services
  • Information & communication regarding Criminal Justice process
  • Emotional and practical support to a victim of harm directly caused by a criminal offence or standard/medium Domestic Abuse. The Charity Victim Support will continue to support high risk DV cases.
  • Information and delivery of Restorative Justice Conferencing providing those affected by crime the opportunity to tell the offender about the impact the crime has had on them.

Take a look at the Signpost Hub leaflet for more information

The opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm

Saturdays 9am to 5pm

For further information, or to access support, contact us on:

Freephone: 0800 0282 887

Landline: 01234 842050