What are the risks?

Drugs can be prescribed drugs from doctors or illegal drugs on the street but there are always some risks to taking any drugs in particular illegal ones. Some of those risks include:

  • damage to physical and mental health
  • accidents while you are not in control of what you are doing
  • not knowing what the drug will do to you
  • taking too much in one go and possible overdose
  • becoming dependent on drugs
  • spending too much money
  • missing out on school work
  • falling out with family and friends
  • getting in trouble with the police
  • Owing money to drug dealers who may become violent or dangerous if you can’t pay
  • Prescribed drugs can be just as addictive and sometimes as dangerous as illegal drugs, some have side effects so you should always read the labels before taking anything


Frank is a friendly, confidential service offering advice and support with drugs and alcohol issues for all ages.

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The NHS provides good advice for the families and friends of drug users on helping them and coping themselves.

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You can getĀ advice from the Department for Education and the Association of Chief Police Officers. It is non-statutory and has been produced to help answer some of the most common questions raised by school staff in this area, as well as promoting understanding of the relevant powers and duties in relation to powers to search for and confiscate drugs, liaison with the police and with parents.

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ResoLUTONs Luton

For information about Drug AND Alcohol Services in Luton please go to

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