Luton Safeguarding Children’s BUSINESS PLAN 2020 – 2022


The Safeguarding Partnerships should:
a) Have an informed understanding of safeguarding arrangements and performance in single agencies and an authoritative oversight of the quality of front-line multi agency practice.
b) Have effective governance arrangements and operating structure, with clear lines of accountability with other strategic partnerships, and be able to demonstrate its influence on the work of those partnerships. Boards have a strong culture of challenge that is the responsibility of all Board members.
c) Ensure learning from audits, case reviews, Serious Case Reviews, Significant Incidents and Safeguarding Adult Reviews is identified and is used to develop practice and service provision.
d) Ensure the provision of high quality multi agency safeguarding training and evaluate the impact on practice of such training.


The Board has also identified one joint area (with the LSAB) and three key areas to focus its work upon:

 Domestic abuse ( joint with LSAB)
 Implementing learning from SCR/CSPRs
 Neglect ( Pan beds)
 Children’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health ( Pan Beds)