Physical Abuse
When a child has been hurt, in the majority of occasions this is a deliberate action such as hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning, drowning or suffocating.

Emotional Abuse
When the emotional needs of a child are not being met or they are being treated unfairly, ridiculed, made to feel unhappy or unfairly blamed etc.

Where a child is not being looked after properly, e.g. not being provided with enough food, clothing or warmth, living conditions are not appropriate or medical needs are not being met. Neglect can also be when a child is left alone or left in dangerous situations.

Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is when a child is forced to take part in sexual activities, made to watch sexual activities or has sexually explicit photographs taken of them or made to view such photographs/watch sexual videos.

Bullying can be name calling, damage of property, stealing items, spreading rumours, getting others into trouble or over social media and internet sites.

Domestic Abuse
Domestic Abuse is when one adult within a family or relationships threatens, controls or hurts another member of the family or relationship. Domestic Abuse can be verbal or physical, including psychological, emotional, sexual and financial abuse.

Are you worried about a child or young person who maybe suffering abuse?

Call the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 01582 537653 during office hours


Emergency Duty Team on 0300 300 8123 out of hours, weekends and Bank Holidays.

To find out more about abuse and various help which are available out there, along with real life stories of different types of abuse, visit the link below, where you will get detailed information about abuse

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